Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Storm is Back!

Storm has been on hiatus recently as Mark has been hard at work on Danger Derby, our new iPad exclusive game. Now that it has been released work has resumed on Storm in a Tea Cup! See more of Danger Derby here!
Here's a Storm God to get the ball rolling.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Storm in a Tea Cup

Welcome to the Storm in a Tea Cup Concept Blog!
Over the next few months we will be following the pre-production and creative development of the game App, Storm in a Tea Cup, which is being developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch here at Cobra Mobile. Everything from initial sketches to final game art will be documented, giving a unique insight into the creative process.
Storm in a Tea Cup began life as a doodle. Artist Mark Brown produced a quick sketch of a wee man in a tea cup and wrote 'Storm in a Tea Cup' next to it. I liked the idea, so asked him to flesh it out.
This first post shows the initial sketches and final design for the main character of Storm.